Diamond Report



AGI is the leading laboratory to develop jewelry identification reports and is the best indication in the field today.

More complex than the investigation of gemstones, AGI’s mastery within the examination and documentation of wrapped up adornments things is unrivaled anyplace. Without dismantling treasures or complex pieces, AGI performs exhaustive, objective and master examination of wrapped up gems items. 

AGI Jewelry Reports give all gemstone and mounting specifics, as well as clear standardized photographs showing details of craftsmanship which will not something else be obvious.

As mounting permits

“As mounting permits” shows up when metal parts encompassing the gems permit AGI to supply nitty gritty data, but maybe less precisely than in an unmounted circumstance. The words “approximate” and “range” are utilized in descriptors in such cases. Eventually a few pieces may require un-mounting in case the fashion avoids the logical tests vital for important assessment. 

The commitment to understanding customer concerns has spurred AGI to create rules and methods for data arrangement on any thing which can be analyzed, agreeing to the laws of our areas of claim to fame. This enables adornments buyers to discover absolutely what they want, with total certainty within the exactness and specialist of the AGI documentation. 

Gemstones ought to as it were alter hands when went with by evaluating report validating to quality. Notwithstanding of area or commercial center, a bona fide AGI Research facility Report is the common dialect of believe and certainty within the gemological world.

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