Diamond Report


AGI Diamond Reports allows a precise evaluation of a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight agreeing to strict universal measures.

Advertised in different designs to serve buyer needs over assorted around the world markets, each report is issued agreeing to the strict universal measures and security highlights for which AGI is known.

AGI screens each precious stone utilizing state of the craftsmanship advances to decide actually mined, research facility developed or simulant root. Experienced graduate gemologists conduct assist appraisal in controlled conditions, specifying pertinent gemological characteristics concurring to the strictest worldwide system.

 The nearness of any changeless medicines will be famous within the comments segment. AGI will not issue reports for precious stones with non-permanent treatments. Gemstones ought to as it were alter hands when went with by a reviewing report validating to quality. In any case of area or commercial center, an bona fide AGI Research facility Report is the common dialect of trust and certainty within the gemological world. 

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